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CEN Coordinators

Delia Belleri

Delia Belleri is an Assistant Professor at the University of Lisbon (from September 2023). Her research interests include conceptual engineering, metaontology, and semantics. Her articles have appeared in journals such as Philosophical Studies, Synthese, Inquiry, Philosophy Compass, Topoi, and Theoria (among others). She is the author of two monographs, one of which published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2014.


Manuel Gustavo Isaac

Manuel Gustavo Isaac was a Swiss NSF Research Fellow at the University of Zurich. He has conducted as PI four postdoctoral research projects on conceptual engineering funded by prestigious fellowships and grants in Amsterdam (ILLC), Barcelona (LOGOS), St Andrews (ARCHÉ), and Zurich. His work has been published in Philosophy CompassErkenntnis, Ratio, Philosophia, Inquiry, Synthese, and History and Philosophy of Logic, among other venues. In Spring 2020, he launched the Conceptual Engineering Online Seminar series and created the Conceptual Engineering YouTube Channel. He is the initiator of the Conceptual Engineering Network.

Steffen Koch

Steffen Koch is a postdoctoral researcher at Bielefeld University. His main research interests lie in philosophical methodology, experimental philosophy, and the philosophy of language. His work has been published in journals such as Ergo, Erkenntnis, Inquiry, Philosophical Studies, Philosophy Compass and Synthese. He edits the  ‘Conceptual Engineering’ entry on Philpapers.

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Mark Pinder

Mark Pinder is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at The Open University in the UK. He began working on conceptual engineering whilst holding a research fellowship at the University of Reading, funded by the Analysis Trust, and has subsequently published articles on the topic in Mind, Erkenntnis, Inquiry, Synthese, Ratio and Philosophical Studies. In many of these articles, he develops and defends the Speaker-Meaning Picture of Conceptual Engineering.

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