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Conceptual Engineering for Emerging Technologies

Zoom meeting ID: 679 2010 7239 
Zoom passcode: CEET-W24


Delia Belleri (CEN) 

Herman Cappelen (HKU)

Max Deutsch (HKU)

Jeroen Hopster (ESDIT)

Manuel G. Isaac (CEN)

Steffen Koch (CEN)

Matthew McKeever (HKU)

Ibo van de Poel (ESDIT)

Rachel Sterken (HKU)

About CEET

The Conceptual Engineering for Emerging Technologies (CEET) initiative is a new joint venture by the Conceptual Engineering Network, the ESDIT Consortium, HKU's AI&Humanity Lab, and ConceptLab HK.


The CEET initiative aims to promote the application of conceptual engineering to transformations induced by emerging technologies.


Starting in Winter 2024, the initiative will run a new webinar series, with panels, mini-workshops, and lectures published on the Conceptual Engineering YouTube channel.


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